Pressure Washing Services

Pro221 Pressure Washing offers a wide range of pressure washing services, including exterior building washing commercial and residential, sidewalk and concrete cleaning. Our professional team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and has the expertise to handle any pressure washing job, big or small.

House Pressure Washing Services

Have your home regularly cleaned with our pressure washing services in the Hillsborough area. Your house is exposed to various elements throughout the year in Florida such as pollutants, dirt, algae, mold, and mildew. How can you protect it?

Our combination of quality cleaning solvents, and high pressure will remove even-the-most stuck and stained facades with ease. Rely on the industry experts to handle all your pressure washing needs.

Our Current Prices are on average around $0.18 sq ft. ie…
1000 sq ft home $180.00
2000 sq ft home $360.00
3000 sq ft home $540.00
4000 sq ft home $720.00,
All prices are estimates and may vary!

Driveway Cleaning Services

If your driveway is marred by dirt, it can become slippery when wet and unsafe. Grime and algae buildup on concrete can cause slip-and-fall incidents.

We use industrial grade pressure washer and a professional surface cleaning attachment. The surface cleaner spins in multiple nozzles of water around at high revolutions, creating a very uniform cleaning action that does not leave ‘zebra stripes’ like cleanin a driveway with a wand alone usually does. Regardless of your driveway’s current state, our team finds a way to make it look good as new.

Our Current Prices (All driveway cleanings always includes the sidewalks).
1 Car Driveway $165.00
2 Car Driveway $165.00
3 Car Driveway $195.00
4 Car Driveway $265.00
Corner lots and circular drives with regular 2,3,4,or 5 car driveways vary between $265.00 up to $685.00

Pool Deck Pressure Washing Services

Your pool deck is constantly exposed to moisture, foot traffic, and debris which can cause deterioration over time. The hot, humid climate can wreak havoc on the inherently moist environment that is your pool deck.

Utilizing our pool deck cleaning services with our chemical solutions helps prevent bacteria and other elements that can erode the surface of your decking. Regular cleaning can even extend its lifespan–which means less costs to repair or replace in the future.

Our Current Prices (All pool deck cleanings are to have any loose items removed prior to the scheduled cleaning).
Small pool deck: $195.00
Medium pool deck: $265.00
Large pool deck $435.00
Extra Large pool deck $685.00

Fence Cleaning Services

It has been said that “good fences make good neighbors”! Don’t your fences deserve to be as clean as possible? Our Fence Power Washing services makes sense and is an integral part of home maintenance. It is important to routinely clean your fence for curb appeal, and to prevent your home from becoming an eyesore, possibly lowering the value of your home and neighborhood.

Keep your neighbors happy and your home aesthetically appealing with some simple maintenance that includes regular washing and fence cleaning in the Hillsborough area. Preserve the investment that you have made in your home and property.

Vinyl and Wood Fence Cleaning Prices:
Small Yard $165.00
Medium Yard $235.00
Large Yard $385.00
Extra Large Yard $485.00
(All prices are estimates and may vary.)

Lanai & Pool Cage Services

Your Lanai and Pool area is where family and friends congregate. There are many benefits to owning a high-quality aluminum pool cage. This structure keeps out dirt and debris, plus bugs and animals. Routine upkeep stops and discourages mold, fungus, algae and other growths that can threaten your family.

Airflow is limited when not properly cleaned, creating musty smells even if you can’t see the algae growth. This can lead to respiratory problems, allergies and even more serious health complications. These are just a few, but there are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to use our professional lanai and pool cage cleaning services. Pro221 pressure washing will make your pool area a comfortable and safe place to gather any time of the year.

Lanai & Pool Cage Prices:
Small Lanai $235.00
Medium Lanai $335.00
Large Lanai $435.00
Extra Large $635.00
(All cleanings are low pressure and include the inside and outside of the cage and screens including the pool deck. Multiple level lanais may be from 15% to 25% more.)

Roof Cleaning

Add years to the life of your roof with proper cleaning. The black discoloration on your roof is actually not dirt. It’s harmful living organisms that are using your roof for nutrients to grow.

Roofs are not dirty, they are actually infested with micro-organisms like bacteria, fungus, lichen, algae and mold. These micro-organism reduce the lifespan of your roof by decomposing the roofing material.

Let Pro221 protect your investment and your family with our soft washing technique, we will rid your roof of black stains and make it like new again.

Roof Cleaning Prices:
1000 sq ft home $250.00
2000 sq ft home $500.00
3000 sq ft home $750.00
4000 sq ft home $1000.00
(Multiple level and steep pitch roofs may be from 15% to 35% more.)

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Our commercial pressure washing services give you business the presence it deserves to stand out. Pro221 Pressure Washing ensures that your business has clean facades, awnings, parking lots and spaces, so it sparkles when people approach. Our experience includes cleaning many types of surfaces such as concrete, brick, stucco, aluminum, block and vinyl.

From gas stations to restaurants, we love helping keep our local businessess inviting and ready for their customers.

Our Services Include…
  • Gas Stations and Parking Decks
  • Office Buildings and Retail Spaces
  • Schools, Daycares and Higher Education
  • Multi-family Units and Apartments

Competitive Pricing, Fast Service